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Of all the aluminium windows fabricators Sussex, Aluminium Windows Sussex Tops the industry.

Its aluminium windows are designed to be friendly to the environment, and to match several BS specifications. This adds sustainability to the benefits of the having aluminium window products. The ability to engage in the production of "green" aluminium windows is one that Aluminium Windows Sussex has honed to mastery, thanks to the passage of decades' worth of accrued business savvy, the hi-tech manufacturing equipment at our disposal, our commitment to investing in training ever more skilful and technicians, as well as a thorough campaign, all over Sussex, which stems from our conviction that aluminium is the most sensible option for producing metallic window frames.

The roles that windows play in any building are quite key. It permits natural illumination and keeps the occupants cosy with its ambient appeal. Aluminium Windows Sussex Provide The Best Available Window Fabrication Sussex Can Supply

Sustainable and sustainably sourced

  • Are enhanced to conserve power
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Sophistication and style
  • Available Window Fabrication In Sussex

Aluminium Windows Sussex employs better technology such a aluminium cladding on the exterior faces of timbre windows to safeguard the windows from natural wear and tear.

The impact of corrosion on aluminium is countered by anodising or powder-coating the cladding. What you get in the end is an aluminium-clad timber window that is immensely durable and requires virtually no external maintenance. Producing new aluminium from bauxite demands energy in considerable amounts (225 MJ/kg) and contaminating substances, such as acidic sulphur dioxide, dust, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), fluorine, and carbon dioxide are released, as is also the case with several other materials used in the construction of window frames.

However, aluminium handles recycling better than most other window materials.

A polymeric layer is placed as a thermal wall in the manufacturing process of Aluminium Windows Sussex.

This thermal break is usually incorporated in aluminium frames to drastically reduce the direct conductivity from the inside to the outside surfaces and vice versa of Aluminium Windows Sussex-fabricated aluminium windows. This means that:. Energy efficiency is considerably increased through the use of our thermally broken aluminium frames. This technique also reduces the formation of water vapour, thus reducing the condensation on the surface of window frames

Bauxite is the ore from which aluminium is obtained, and there is still plenty of it in the world.

On account of the aforementioned damaging changes, window manufacturers find themselves hard-pressed to devise new ways of production which will not harm the environment. Rising up to the challenge, Aluminium Windows Sussex ventures into the future of window manufacturing through its commitment to a "greener" business model that involves improved equipment, new technical insights, and reaching out to clients in order to supply them with aluminium windows which, among other things: Are affordable in the long run

Boost high security and safety performance. Aluminium Windows Sussex Put Forth Available Window Fabrication

It is good to mention that you will only need about 5 to 7 % of the energy used to produce it from the original ore.

All of these qualities have made aluminium the ideal material to be used on our window frame for the residents in Sussex, this is because they require not only beautifully crafted windows, but also windows that are more eco-friendly in comparison to other competing window manufacturing materials. Aluminium Frame Coating for Aluminium Window Fabrication in Sussex Going by the study conducted at Napier University, aluminium with no coating can cause corrosion to the frame due to moisture or high temperature. But Aluminium Windows Sussex window frames comes with corrosion resistant features that are infused by 2 methods

Powder Coating The aluminium frames are powder coated using an electrostatic application of dry powder which provides it an anti corrosive property. The skin of the frame is cured under heat and provides the following two features Give our aluminium window frames over two hundred colours.

Rust and erosion won't be a problem for our window borders. Anodising First For Available Window Fabrication In Sussex

This protection is achieved via electrolytic process resulting to thick oxide coating on the surface of the aluminium frames. By anodising our window frames we are able to:

It makes our aluminium window frames resistant to wear and corrosion. It enhances the outward appearance of the frame. Anyone of these treatments will protect your aluminium window and guarantee that it will not receive any deteriorating impacts under any of the above mentioned weather conditions.

If you are looking for Aluminium Window Fabrication in Sussex then you need Aluminium Windows Sussex We are a leading aluminium window manufacturer based in Sussex. This implies that there is no need for you to look any further in case you need window frames materials in Sussex.

For more energy saving capabilities, our aluminium windows are broken thermally during production With Aluminium Windows Sussex, you get to choose from assorted colours during the fabrication of your aluminium windows. We have a team of experts to fabricate your aluminium windows in Sussex. We employ latest technology and excellent techniques to fabricate your windows

Our aluminium windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime. We provide all clients with a free no obligation consultation of your building, before any work gets done, to make sure we have all the facts to produce the windows that you desire. Our aluminium windows are fabricated to be resistant to wear and corrosion and thus require very little maintenance.

We strictly adhere to the British Standards for safety and security when manufacturing our aluminium windows. You can call Aluminium Windows Sussex today for availing the best aluminium fabrication in Sussex that comes with eco friendly, reliable and classy features. Contact Today Aluminium Windows Sussex